Ashley Brown (cello), Amalia Hall (violin), Somi Kim (piano)


NZTrio is recognised as a ‘national treasure’ and ‘New Zealand’s most indispensable ensemble’ (NZ Herald).

Expect to be affected.

NZTrio Composing Competition Workshop Selection Finalists Announced!

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Join us on tour with CMNZ and Horomona Horo for TORU WHĀ, KA REWA A MATARIKI and our first ‘new NZTrio’ concert series: TECTONIC SHIFT (July), TECTONIC IMPACT (October), and TECTONIC UPRISING (December). Head over to the performance directory for all the details you’ll need to book. See you soon!


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Photography by Garth Badger






Out now


Excerpt from Kenji Bunch Swing Shift ii Night Flight


NZTrio’s Sway perfectly encapsulates their shared ambition to bring joyful, vibrant, life-affirming music to audiences in all corners of the world. The album comprises a rich and rewarding programme of beautifully performed and recorded music by five exceptional contemporary composers.


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