In early 2020, the world was struck by the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, NZTrio began its new era with the appointment of pianist Somi Kim and violinist Amalia Hall joining cellist Ashley Brown in continuing the 19-year legacy of commissioning works from NZ composers, bringing lesser-known works to light, and celebrating the widely-known jewels of the piano trio repertoire with fresh interpretation.

As we reflect on these tumultuous and extraordinary times, this album represents our personal beacon of hope and light amid the challenging lockdowns, symbolising our efforts to cope with uncertainty and the unknown.

Featuring superb compositions by Christos Hatzis, Salina Fisher, Josef Suk and Erich Korngold, Merge is an amalgamation of our individual musical personalities both on and off the stage, expressed through our shared love of chamber music. We feel very lucky to be sharing our joyful, creative and collaborative experience of recording this album with you during this particularly bewildering time. As we all navigate this ever-changing world, constantly looking to the future and the past, we hope this music gives you a chance to appreciate some beauty in the present moment.

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NZTrio6 hours ago
It’s World Coffee Day today and wow are we’re grateful to coffee for getting us through so many practise sessions, rehearsals, and early morning flights! ☕️😘

📸: Ashley Brown – cellist and coffee connoisseur