Join NZTrio for an intimate concert in the stunning surrounds of UKARIA Cultural Centre

Friday 23 June 4pm
UKARIA Cultural Centre

Fresh from their recent tour of New Zealand, NZTrio are bringing their customary eclectic mix of repertoire, old and new, familiar and fresh, energetic and ethereal to Adelaide.

You’ll be drawn into music from different times, places, and experiences. From the rhythmic heartbeat of New York City, to the aftermath of a volcanic eruption, each piece has a story to tell.

Described as a “national treasure” and “New Zealand’s most indispensable ensemble” William Dart, NZ Herald, NZTrio combines musical excellence with low-key Kiwi warmth to bring you a unique concert experience.

The Programme

Kenji Bunch | Groovebox Variations
Rachel Clement | Shifting States
Alfred Schnittke | Piano Trio
Stuart Greenbaum | The year without a summer
Johannes Brahms | Piano Trio No. 3 in C minor Op. 101

The concert opens with American composer Kenji Bunch’s rhythmic Groovebox, capturing the essence of New York City between dusk & dawn, before exploring the process of changing physical states essential to the production of mid-century art glass with New Zealander Rachel Clement’s Shifting States. The first half ends with Schnittke’s Trio, leading us to a furious moment of catharsis and then sublimating into thin air. The second half begins with Australian composer Stuart Greenbaum’s The year without a summer, evoking the 1815 volcanic eruption of Mt Tambora in Indonesia and contemplating the resulting upheaval for the community there, before Brahms treats us to moments of darkness and restless unease, bringing his Piano Trio No.3 in C minor to a close with an energetic and impassioned finale.

“National treasure” and “New Zealand’s most indispensable ensemble”
William Dart, NZ Herald

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