NZTrio Board Member Jack Bourke, has always been driven by a deep commitment to community empowerment and inclusion, and a passion for the arts. Read on to find out what is behind this drive, and what he’s looking to achieve in the future.

A proud New Zealand-born Tongan, Jack has an impressive background that includes serving as CEO in the Caribbean for a global telecommunications company, where he has achieved significant professional milestones. Notably, Jack has mentored eight female CEOs as part of his remit, showcasing his dedication to fostering diversity and gender equality in leadership roles. 

 Key values such as communication, transparency, honesty, and respect have guided him throughout his career, enabling him to overcome challenges as he took a less traditional path to becoming a CEO. By letting his work and results speak for themselves, Jack has proven that perseverance and dedication can break down barriers.

A unique skill that Jack possesses is his ability to connect people and ideas, bringing together great minds to achieve remarkable outcomes. Currently, he is involved in the Symphony Centre Development in The Aotea Arts Quarter, a groundbreaking project that combines transportation-oriented development with a commitment to community and the arts sector. This initiative reflects his vision of creating synergies between the private sector and the arts, believing that arts patronage can lead to incremental commercial outcomes.

Looking to the future, Jack aspires to continue breaking down barriers for diverse communities, striving to see more representation in governance and senior corporate roles. Community has always been Jack’s source of inspiration, as he believes that true success lies in empowering others to succeed.  His journey with Digicel, witnessing the transformative impact of mobile telephony on developing nations, has reinforced his belief in accessibility for all and the importance of eradicating the digital divide in the 21st century.

Through his leadership and advocacy, Jack seeks to make a lasting impact on the arts and community, driving positive change and creating opportunities for all to thrive.