This 1-hour programme introduces students to a range of repertoire, with a focus on NZTrio’s current touring programmme, presenting short sections and single movements of longer works.

The musicians introduce each “snippet” as they play, discussing the different techniques used, the influences of the composers and the historical or contemporary context of the works. A concert of around 40mins is followed by a 15min Q&A with the students, which often addresses the musicians’ own musical pathways, rehearsal practices, influences, playing as an ensemble, funding and marketing.

There is no fee for this opportunity, just a few small requirements:

  • Piano tuning on or as near the day as possible
  • Venue ideally a school hall, theatre or auditorium1 x handheld, wireless mic & house PA 
  • Audience size of at least 50 students approx
  • Access to the venue for sound check around 40mins prior to students arriving
  • Best suited to senior college students, however we are open to tailoring content to suit a younger cohort if necessary
Contact Jessica Duirs ( or Bridget Lynd ( for more details.

Feedback from teachers:

  • “It was GREAT. The students responded really enthusiastically. I really appreciate how relatable the three are – they give some really great advice about how to follow a path in music and some very honest answers about the realities of being a musician.” – Alexandra Goldfinch, Rangitoto College
  • “The kids had a ball, and we had much discussion later about the pieces.  It is exciting to watch our students learn and reflect from hearing varied compositions, and seeing the real professionals at work!” Liz Sneyd, Virtuoso Strings
  • “Somi, Amalia and Ashley were so generous with their time and expertise, encouraging and supporting the students to think about their playing and their musical and personal interactions with each other – so vital in chamber music. The girls are really looking forward to reflecting on what they learnt as they continue to prepare for their upcoming performances.” – Janet Kingsbury, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School

Here’s what the students had to say:

  • I didn’t know classical music could be so alternative – it’s cooler than I thought.
  • The trio opened my awareness of NZ music and showed me the level of skill we have when it comes to composers that I was not aware of. I feel more interested in contemporary classical now.
  • When they taught the other students they really broke it down easily so that they could understand and the students could utilise their advice. When they performed, they also performed with their whole bodies which was more expressive.I love the way they played, it was so real and emotional. I connected with it much more than usual.  I LOVED IT!  
  • The music NZTrio played put a new age spin on an old age format. I enjoyed learning/seeing the different ways to make sound from the instruments.
Contact Jessica Duirs ( or Bridget Lynd ( for more details.