This 2-hour interactive programme highlights the realities behind turning a passion into a profession. Live performance and discussion, as well as creative challenges, get students thinking with their hearts about branding, marketing, partnerships, and many of the less obvious career opportunities that await them.

There is no fee for this opportunity, just a few small requirements.

Contact Jessica Duirs ( or Bridget Lynd ( for more details.

What a wonderful workshop it was. The students enjoyed it immensely, and I was impressed with the format and the high levels of engagement that resulted. It was wonderful to hear the Trio perform in such close proximity and to hear about their varied musical journeys, along with all the other aspects that are involved in forming and making viable a venture such as this.  An inspired and very successful format that really resonated with the students, and I know that when NZTrio next performs in ChCh there will be some very keen attendees from at least Rangi!
Janet Kingsbury, Director of Music Rangi Ruru Girls’ School

The enthusiasm, skill and passion of NZTrio is undeniably engaging, even for our most resistant listeners. Inspiring arts experiences like NZTrio Live! that open young people to great art and career opportunities are crucial as we strive to develop our thriving arts industries.

James Donaldson, Director Nelson Centre of Musical Arts (ex-Head of Music, Auckland Grammar School)

NZTrio conducted a very unique workshop for the year 10 Business Studies and Music students at Pinehurst.  It was the first of what we are hoping will be an annual event as it was enjoyable, entertaining and above all, an educational experience.  What was so unique was how the students from two different subject areas interacted and learned from each other with the group facilitating and lending their expertise.  It was an enriching experience in every way.

June Baptista, Head of Department – Commerce, Pinehurst School

Our students were thrilled to experience the dynamic and engaging music of NZTrio close up. The future looks bright for business-savvy creatives, and the workshop experience challenged our students to think about how their own original ideas can make an impact. Excellence and innovation are essential in the creative industries, and NZTrio delivers these in spades!

Andre Worsnop, Head of Music and Arts, Diocesan School for Girls

The idea to combine business and culture was a great success. Students were engaged in listening to performances and the presentation of the ensemble’s ‘behind the scenes’ stories. Through the activity with mixed groups of students from both departments, they came up with original ideas for their own projects. The workshop has been highly useful for music and business students. They have been given an opportunity to experience both the performative and the management side of a successful musical ensemble, whose members not only perform on the highest level, but also think outside the square and emphasise the importance of promoting New Zealand music.

Nino Sloser, Head of Music, Sacred Heart Boys College

Here’s what the kids had to say. . .

I didn’t know classical music could be so alternative – it’s cooler than I thought.

The whole presentation was very inspiring and I am looking forward to following my passion.

NZTrio’s session got me thinking about my future in a creative way.

Classical music iz versatile aaazzzzzz!

 I have discovered a new side of classical music and the marketing and branding part of the session has helped me to understand what it means to be a professional musician.

The trio opened my awareness of NZ music and showed me the level of skill we have when it comes to composers that I was not aware of. I feel more interested in contemporary classical now.

I love the way they played, it was so real and emotional. I connected with it much more than usual.  I LOVED IT!  The whole thing was really useful.  I loved the branding stuff because it made me think a lot.

The music NZTrio played put a new age spin on an old age format. I enjoyed learning/seeing the different ways to make sound from the instruments.

I enjoyed learning more about the link between art and business concepts.

I learnt that classical music can vary a lot and NZ’s composers have a very different style to Mozart’s.