Prema Lahari (2020) – c. 10′

Prema Lahari

This piece is a small musical offering to humanity of peace and affection. It attempts to express and channel the potency of the origin of pure love to the hearts of the listeners. ‘Prema Lahari’ is a Sanskrit term that means “waves on the ocean of pure love”. It is said that love makes the world go ‘round, and certainly the purest love can heal the heart and reveal the true self within, which is transcendental to and unaffected by duality. The true self in connection with its ultimate source is by nature eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. One can realise the self through the sublime and easy process known as Bhakti yoga, the science of the love supreme, which is freely available to all.

The piece ends with a Sanskrit prayer, inviting the original source of the self to enter into the courtyard of the heart and to soothe the consciousness of all who may hear it, so that as a civilisation we may be able to make progress in a way that brings relief to humanity and all living entities and to become reacquainted with the original source of peace and happiness, which we all share. So please allow these sound vibrations to enter into and soothe your hearts.

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