Homeland 1 – Wellington

Songs my mother taught me Join us for the melodies of Bohemia and music filled with joy, loss, and longing as we celebrate the influence of folk-music on composers from across the globe.  7pm, 2 MarchPublic Trust Building, Wellington Tickets on sale now. Prices start from $25.25 for Students, $48.30 for Adults BOOK NOW Nostalgia […]

Rhythms of the Brain Charity Auction

As part of the 2022 Dunedin Arts Festival, we presented Rhythms of the Brain. For this world premiere we worked with contemporary artist Simon Ingram to create a visual work of art. A fascinating exploration of the inner workings of the brain and its response to musical stimuli, during the performance the brainwaves of Amalia […]

What we’re listening to

When we aren’t playing we’re often listening to music. We’ve put together a list of a few hidden musical gems that we each recommend. With everything from early music to 70’s hits, it seems that eclectic would be the best way to describe our combined musical taste! Somi Kim – pianist I love Keith Jarrett’s […]

LEGACY cocktails

Claire Filer specially created three signature cocktails for each of our 2022 LEGACY concerts inspired by the flavours of each programme. Based in the UK, soprano Claire Filer has also been a taster and judge for various spirit awards. You can find out more about Claire on her Instagram account: ​​@ginesthesia / instagram.com/ginesthesia LEGACY 1 – […]