Nau mai, haere mai, welcome to our 2023 series


The spirit of folk-music is at the heart of Homeland—with the music of the great Bohemian composer Antonín Dvořák at its core. The music of the people; folk music’s ubiquitous influence is present throughout. The impetus of different composers’ creative energies drives this musical journey, connecting us to past and future generations.

Join us in this ever-evolving genre, with powerful narration of human expressions and experiences through the universal language of music.

Homeland One

Songs my mother taught me
Dvořák | Temkin | Castro- Robinson | Weinberg

Nostalgia and melancholy opens Homeland 1 with Dvořák’s second piano trio, imbued with his personality and Slavic folk elements. The trip around the globe continues with a set of miniatures by American composer Daniel Temkin, with a chance to pay homage to five 20th-century composers who celebrated folk-music in their masterpieces: Britten, Bartok, Copland, Dutilleux and Ligeti. The spirit of Aotearoa is reflected in Eve de Castro-Robinson’s newest commission before we enter into the soundscape of the emotional struggles of humankind in Weinberg piano trio – a product of WWII. Even through the stark turbulence, there is a sense of optimism and hope as we wind down with a poignant tune from Dvořák’s Gypsy Songs, telling a story of a mother’s tears, memories and influence – encapsulating the essence of folk-music being passed down through generations.

At venues across Aotearoa March 2023
Wellington | Auckland | Norsewood | Rotorua

Homeland Two

Tunes from my home
Enescu | Yi | Kelly | Dvořák

Homeland 2 begins in Romania with Enescu’s luscious A minor trio, one of the very few works he composed during WWII and a strong witness to his fascination with the countryside and folk music of his homeland. Then, Chen Yi  transports us half a world away to her upbringing in China with musical stories filled with bustling energies and happy memories, before the warmness of a serenade composed by a young Enescu melts our hearts. Victoria Kelly’s gently rhythmic and mystical sound world brings us back home to Aotearoa before our final stop in Prague, where a 42-year old Dvořák takes us into the depths of Czech folk music traditions and into the dark and brooding romanticism of his F minor piano trio.

At venues across Aotearoa August/September 2023
Christchurch | Dunedin | Greytown | Auckland

Homeland Three

Novák | Bloch | Martin | Harris | Dvořák

Prepare to be swept away by the heartfelt melodies of Novak’s dramatic one-movement ballade, written when he was simultaneously gazing back in time to traditional Czech folk melodies, yet also looking ahead to tonal modernism. Swiss-American composer Ernest Bloch’s evocative Three Nocturnes showcase his Jewish heritage with staggering impressionistic beauty, before Frank Martin takes us on a rambunctious journey through popular Irish melodies that will be sure to awaken your inner dancer. We return to the sounds of Aotearoa with an exciting new work by celebrated NZ composer Ross Harris, before we embark upon the joy and nostalgia of Dvorak’s famous “Dumky” Trio, overflowing with a wealth of village songs and Czech country dances.

At venues across Aotearoa November 2023
Waiheke | Wellington | Whangarei | Auckland 

Dates and Venues

Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall
5 March | 24 September | 26 November
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Public Trust Hall, Wellington
2 March | 23 November
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