Composing Competition

NZTrio Composing Competition 2015: Celebrating Lilburn

In 2015 we kicked off our first Composing Competition for tertiary students, culminating in Auckland and Wellington performances of the winning 10 compositions. The 13-minute documentary above (filmed and edited by Chris Watson at SOUNZ) presents an overview of how the competition came about, the process involved, and why Douglas Lilburn was chosen as the inspiration for this first competition.


41 scores were submitted from composition students around the country, all responding to the brief: Write a new work for Piano Trio that references, or responds to, Douglas Lilburn’s life and work. 18 compositions were selected by NZTrio for workshops, then following revision and resubmission, 10 works were chosen by NZTrio and composer Ken Young to be performed in the Winner’s Concerts in Auckland and Wellington.


NZTrio Composing Competition 2015 Winners

Click on each winner to watch NZTrio’s Wellington performance of their work, or click the link at the bottom to watch the full unedited concert.

Zac Johns: Snap 

Josiah Carr: still: waiting

Reuben Jelleyman: Analysis/Synthesis

Isaac Shatford: Aeroplanes Over Aotearoa

Matthew Everingham: A Search for a Language

Trevor Coleman: Lilburn Blue 

Glen Downie: Extrapolation

Alex van den Broek: View from Mt Peel

Caitlin Morris: The Song of Cloudy Bay/Te Koko-o-Kupe

Jeremy Mayall: Fourteen moments for three


Click here to watch the complete Winners’ Concert in Wellington 


All Video filmed and edited by Chris Watson from SOUNZ, and sound-recorded by NZSM. 

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