Dramatic Skies 1: Stratus

Join us for Dramatic Skies 1: Stratus, April 10/18

Welcome to the first concert of our 2021 series. Please find below some fresh
Listening Notes and a yummy new matched cocktail.
We look forward to seeing you soon at

Dramatic Skies 1: Stratus

Nathan Homestead, Manurewa (Auckland), April 10 – Book now
Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber, April 18 – Book now
Book a Season Pass here $135 (Concert Chamber only)

Stratus begins the series enveloped in a foggy blanket of sound, with the dark, sumptuous depths of Rachmaninoff’s Trio élégiaque and Suk’s yearning Elegie, sandwiched around the cosy, rustic nature of Haydn’s sunny G Major trio. Claire Cowan’s Ultra Violet shimmers through the spectrum with its millions of colours; in Reuben de Lautour’s new commission An Auscultation of Water we sink into the undulations of an aquatic heart beat; and we ascend again, evaporating into the melancholy, linear architecture of the Chausson Trio, reminiscent of Aotearoa’s eponymous threads of clouds hugging the horizon.

Full programme 1.5 hours plus interval (or 1 hour no interval at Nathan Homestead)
Livestream option in the works – more info coming soon


Listening Notes

Rachmaninoff: Trio élégiaque No. 1 in G minor
~ lapping waves, a rising breeze, harbinger of a tempest brewing ~

Haydn: Piano Trio in G Major, Hob XV:25
~ fleeting daydreams of wanderlust ~

Suk: Elegie in D flat Major, Op. 23
~ here is my heart, do with it what you will ~

de Lautour: An Auscultation of Water (new commission)
~ watery silhouettes barely perceptible through the mist ~

Cowan: Ultra Violet
~ vista through others’ eyes ~

Chausson: Trio in G minor, Op. 3
~ a journey of extremity, from innermost to outermost ~


Stratus Cocktail

Inspired by a dramatic sky of ethereal swirling clouds against melancholy darkness, this take on the classic White Russian combines the smoky depth of coffee and clean Russian vodka with the rustic continental comfort of earthy spiced walnuts and honey.


1 shot (30ml) Vodka (preferably Russian)

1 shot Harpoon Cold Brew Espresso Strength Concentrate

1/2 shot Honey Syrup (2 parts honey,1 part hot water, cooled)

8 dashes Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters

1/2 shot fresh cream (or to preference)

Gently shake first four ingredients with ice, serve in a short glass over ice and float cream on top so it gradually mixes down into the cocktail creating a cloud effect.

Designed by Claire Filer @highginx
Ginesthesia Blog @ginesthesia


Next concerts

Dramatic Skies 2: Cumulus

St Andrew’s on The Terrace, Wellington, Aug 22, 5pm – Book now
Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber, Sept 5, 5pm – Book now
Greytown Music Group, October 10, 4pm – Book via 
06 304-9497

Grieg: Andante Con Moto in C minor
Schifrin: Hommage a Ravel
McLeod: Clouds (new commission)
Taylor: burlesques mécaniques – ten miniatures for piano trio
Smetana: Piano Trio in G minor, Op. 15

Cumulus maps a dramatic voyage, from deep melancholy touched with hints of hope in the Grieg, through a quirky reflection of Ravel’s life and music from Schifrin’s unique point of view, and deep into Smetana’s mournful response to the death of his daughter.
These billowing global masterpieces come to surround and embrace the eminent locals at the heart of the programme – two edgy works by Kiwi composers at the peak of creativity: a rediscovery of Alex Taylor’s remarkable set of rugged miniatures burlesques mécaniques, and the premiere of a mist-covered new work from Jenny McLeod.

Dramatic Skies 3: Cirrus

Nathan Homestead, Manurewa (Auckland), Nov 6th, 5pm – Book now*
St Andrew’s on The Terrace, Wellington, Nov 19, 7pm – Book now
Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber, Dec 12, 5pm – Book now

Schubert: Sonatensatz, D. 28
Clement: shifting states
Panufnik: Piano Trio Op. 1
Whitehead: tba (new commission)
Rachmaninoff: Trio élégiaque No. 2 in D minor, Op. 9

Cirrus sweeps us towards the heights of Schubert’s musical charm, shifting us into Rachel Clement’s glassmaking-inspired sound world. Panufnik takes us through passionate mood changes and luscious melodies reminiscent of the late French Romantics; we are then transported into the nebulous glow of Aotearoa’s clouds in our new commission by Dame Gillian Whitehead. Rachmaninoff’s masterpiece reflects on the huge journey of the whole series and brings the year to a dramatic close with a sense of pathos and heightened emotion.
*Slightly shorter programme of 1 hour, no interval at Nathan Homestead. Special price available for those who wish to attend the same programme at Concert Chamber.
Email Jessica at manager@nztrio.com for discount code.

Book a Season Pass here $135 (Concert Chamber only)

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